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Medical Imaging Software Today—More Than Just Viewing Images

Medical Imaging Software - Presented by PostDICOM

Medical imaging is one of the fastest growing areas in healthcare. Over the past few decades, it has evolved to include multiple imaging modalities including CT scans, MRIs, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine, to name a few.

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Advances in Diagnostic Medical Imaging that have transformed Healthcare

Diagnostic Medical Imaging - Presented by PostDICOM

Just over a hundred years ago, the advent of X-rays was considered a significant leap in medical diagnosis. Over the last century, simple radiography has expanded into a specialized field—diagnostic medical imaging.

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The Anatomy of Medical Imaging: Essential Features of the DICOM Workflow

The DICOM Workflow - Presented by PostDICOM

Digital medical imaging has become an integral part of radiology. Today’s radiologist needs to be familiar with the technical aspects of medical imaging. At the forefront of medical imaging technology is the DICOM standard.

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A Crash Course on Handling DICOM Medical Imaging Data

Handling DICOM Medical Imaging Data - Presented by PostDICOM

As technology finds its way into every aspect of medicine, great advances have been made in the field of radiology. Radiology once depended on simple two-dimensional images that needed to be manually developed and fixed prior to viewing.

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DICOM Imaging Software: What to Know if You are a Mac User

Dicom Imaging Software - Presented by PostDICOM

Medical imaging has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Medical imaging today plays a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment planning of even simple conditions. With advances in the actual process of imaging, headway has also been made in the process of viewing, storing, and sharing images after their acquisition.

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The Science and Applications of Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging Science and Applications - Presented by PostDICOM

The internal organs and bones of our body are covered by skin and other tissue barriers, and are therefore not visible to the naked eye. The term ‘medical imaging’ is used to refer to techniques that allow us to view the interior of the body.

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Seeking a DICOM Viewer for Windows? Read these Tips and Options

DICOM Viewer for Windows - Presented by PostDICOM

Medical imaging technology has come a long way from simple radiographs and is now represented by advanced, digitalized modalities such as CT and MRI. As the use of medical imaging becomes more widespread, there is a need to improve on other aspects of the workflow associated with imaging—reading the images and forming diagnostic reports as well as proper storage and retrieval of medical images.

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Medical Imaging Technology Today and Where it is Headed

Medical Imaging Technology Today and Where it is Headed - Presented by PostDICOM

When you hear the term ‘medical imaging’, the first picture that comes to mind is that of a radiograph, or an X-ray as it is more commonly known. While radiographs are the oldest and still the most frequently employed method of medical imaging, there is so much more to this intriguing and innovative field of science today.

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What to Consider When Looking for a DICOM Viewer for Mac?

What to Consider When Looking for a DICOM Viewer for Mac - by PostDICOM

One of the most frustrating things that can happen inside a doctor’s private practice is trying to view a patient’s images from a recent scan in vain. The computer is brand new, there is a high-speed internet line available, and the online DICOM viewer that the doctor recently downloaded should open the images—except it doesn’t!

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Top 25 Free Dicom Viewers for Doctors, Medical Students, and Health Professionals

Top 25 Free Dicom Viewers for Doctors, Medical Students, and Health Professionals - Presented by PostDICOM

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is a standard format that enables medical professionals to view, store, and share medical images irrespective of their geographic location or the devices they use, as long as those devices support the format. DICOM images need to be viewed through specific software called DICOM viewers that can read and display the format.

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Cloud-based PACS Levels the Playing Field for Users of Medical Imaging Information Systems

Cloud Based PACS - by PostDICOM

From CIS, HIS, EMR, and EHR, to RIS, DICOM, PACS, and cloud PACS, there are endless terms and abbreviations for the many different types of medical imaging information systems out there. One of the common pitfalls of professional jargon in any field is that terms get a bit mixed up, conflated, or misused every now and then and through day-to-day communication.

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DICOM: A Look into its Scope and Utility

A Look into DICOM Scope and Utility - by PostDICOM

DICOM-short for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine-has become indispensable to any modern clinical setting that deals with medical imaging. Considering the ubiquitous need and utility of medical imaging in modern healthcare, the broad scope and application of DICOM is not hard to fathom.

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