Sharing an Upload Folder


Folders and their content can be seen from two different locations. The first one is from the "Folders" section on the main screen. The second one is the "Select Folder" form shown during upload when medical images and clinical documents are added to folders. At these two locations, the visual appearance of the folders, toolbars, and functions are identical. Therefore, in this article, screenshots which are taken from the "Folders" section are used.

On the "Folders" page, all folders and their content are shown.


Click on the folder you want to share. After you have clicked, the selected folder will turn into blue color and if you click again it will be deselected. After selecting the folder, You can click on the "Share an Upload Folder" icon on the upper right side of the form or you can right-click and select the “Share an Upload Folder”


Once you have clicked on the icon, you will see the Share an Upload Folder form with e-mail, use two-factor authentication(2FA) box, send link password in a different email box, the language you want to convert the document to, folder password, folder title, folder description and expire date. It is compulsory to fill in the receiver's e-mail and the password to be used to view shared content. Make sure that you use a strong password. Write a sharing name and description for the folder and then set an expiration day for sharing. The shared user will not be able to see the contents of the shared folder after the expiration date. When all of the values are entered click the "Send Upload Link" button. Upload folder link and password will be sent to the entered e-mail address. In this way, if they upload a file you can view it.


After clicking, you will see the text "Folder Shared Successfully".

Sharing an Upload Folder Sharing an Upload Folder Sharing an Upload Folder Sharing an Upload Folder
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