Recovering Images and Folders from Recycle Bin


Once you have moved your images and folders to the recycle bin according to the “Moving Folders to Recycle Bin” article, they will continue to appear in recycle bin. Click on “Recycle” icon on the upper right side of the page to view the images or folders in recycle bin.

After clicking on the icon, recycle bin will be opened. You can see all images and documents that have been moved here before.


Click on the folder or image you want to recover. Once you have clicked on, the selected folder will turn into blue color. You can choose one or more folder by clicking ctrl button on keyboard.

After selecting, click on “Restore” icon on the upper right side of the form to recover the folder from recycle bin.

A Message Box will be shown to confirm you to restore the folder. Click on “Yes” to confirm that you want to recover it. If you don’t want to recover it, click on “No”.

After clicking on “Yes”, the recovered folder or image will be displayed on where it was before deleted.

recovering from recycle bin recovering from recycle bin
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